HEVC encoder planned for mid 2017.


Ucodec Inc., based in Silicon Valley, is building the most efficient HEVC (H.265/MPEG-H) software encoder and decoder: fast and light-weight, high efficient, cross platform, easy to use and affordable with flexible licensing.


HEVC Decoder

The Ucodec HEVC Decoder a super fast fully optimized software HEVC Decoder. It is available for free download (evaluation version with watermark) in Products. The decoder is fully optimized for Intel x86/x64 and ARM Neon (32 and 64 bits), and is available for the most popular platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

The software decoder runs on PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Windows Phone, etc. It could be easily ported to BlackBerry, PowerPC, Sony PlayStation4, Xbox One, etc. devices.

The HEVC Experts

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